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About Us
If you are out to Describe the Truth, Leave Elegance to The Tailor.
~ Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


Deira Group of Companies set its footing in UAE as ‘Deira Trading Center L.L.C’ by the year 1981 after getting emerged in 1970’s in city of Karachi, Pakistan under the name AR industries, later on our manufacturing Unit was established in 1987 with the name of Al Sahir Garments Industry LLC. Further, to the experience of a decade we claimed & maintained ahead, the leading position in the region within short span of time in Garments and Textile industry. Since beginning of our existence we never compromised with quality of Fabric because for us no matter how beautiful the details or how well-crafted the seams are. We are not oblivious to the garment made from a flimsy, scratchy or pilling fabric as it is never a good addition to any wardrobe. Supplying of high end products that define luxury and supreme quality ascended to set the new standards.

Our garment and home textiles manufacturing unit is based in Pakistan and the UAE made us one of the leading figures that already proved to be the vital sign to Hospitality Industry. Motive behind supplying the garments for uniforms made by us, is just to brandish and reflect the unity along with binding the individuals as one team, the Home textiles products are specifically tied to the interior of a residence or hotel rooms, functionally and aesthetically, we know that hospitality industry comforts with proper home textile to give its clients homely feeling. The product line is comprised of all kinds of Hospitality Products (Customized Uniforms and Linen Products) and dealing in other products such as Textile Fabrics, Made up goods, Ready-made Garments, Bed Linens (includes Comforters, Quilts, Bed sheet & Pillows), Table Linen & Towels.


Our Clientele

A majority of our clients belong to the Hospitality Industry and deal with high-profile guests. Our products have always helped them build the right reputation among their guests as far as the luxury and comfort that they offer. If your organization is looking to partner with a firm that can help you with bed linens, personnel uniforms, bed sheets, curtains, and all such basic requirements that will have a major impact on the reputation of your organization, then we are the right choice. In the past year, we have become the most preferred Home Textile & Uniform supplier to many luxury Hotels, Schools and Hospitals across the Globe.


UAE Textile Market

The UAE textile and garment industry is not only the second largest after oil, but is also one of the biggest employers in UAE, according to a UAE based expert. The textile industry occupies an important place in the UAE economy as a whole and particularly in Dubai, because of its contribution to the industrial output, employment generation and foreign exchange earnings. The UAE textile industry has a diversified product portfolio and some of the textile products produced in UAE includes car seats, tents and curtains, in addition to garments. UAE is also reputed for exports of garments, fabrics for which are imported in bulk from China, Pakistan and India and the UAE textile industry foresees good profitability in import of textiles and textile articles and then re-exporting them.


Quality Statement

International Textile standards provide us the specifications and test methods for the physical, mechanical, and chemical properties of textiles, fabrics, and cloths, as well as the natural and artificial fibers that constitute them. The textiles covered by these standards are commonly formed by weaving, knitting, or spinning together fibers such as glass fiber strands, wool and other animal fibers, cotton and other plant-derived fibers, yarn, sewing threads, and mohair, to name a few. These textile standards help us as fabric, cloth designer and manufacturer in testing textiles to ensure acceptable characteristics towards proper end-use.

In uniforms and garments assessment we suggest on two points only the quality of fabric itself and suitability of fabric for certain item for all six popular types of fabrics. A quality of cotton, wool and denim etc. can be judged on the basis of comparison with the poor quality fabric of its own kind. When it comes to the suitability every fabric has its advantage and disadvantages, the key to make comfort choice is to become aware of them and make a choice that suits the profile at hand. So we can say if you seek our counsel on the issue of choice, then you have made the right decision that is going to save you time and money.


Comfort with in the price

When it comes to luxury merchandise, nothing beats comfort. In the Textile Industry, it is essential to meet the basic requirements of comfort. Comfortable garments are essential, particularly in hospitality industry. Comfort can only be ensured with high quality and hence, we ensure that our products pass through detailed quality checks.

While we provide our products at competitive prices, we also ensure that our products are safe, comfortable and absolutely durable. In other words, high quality characterizes our product line. Our main quality & research objectives are:

1. To be focused on providing high quality, agile products.
2. To encourage creativity in our employees so that they achieve peak performance in maintaining customer satisfaction.
3. To make our production facilities and facilities fully integrated with industry standards to ensure color fastness, strength and use of high quality inputs in our products.



Our vision is to be the market leader in the Textile & Garment Manufacturing Industry and be the most sought after exporter of Luxury and Comfort Products across the world


Deira Group of Companies is an organization with a strong set of corporate values. Our values define who we are and what we do. Our values govern our processes, no matter what products we design and for whom.


We continuously go to unparalleled lengths to ensure that the fabric used to manufacture all our products is of the highest quality by industry and market standards, passes all stringent manufacturing tests and is always produced in the eco-friendly conditions.



We believe that to achieve our vision, maintaining high quality in our product base is vital.

Business Ethics

1. Eco-Friendly: All our manufacturing units in UAE and Pakistan are located far from the general population. Our factories use manufacturing equipment that causes no damage to the environment.

2. Customer Driven: We spend a lot of resources in the research and development. Our objective is to understand the changing market trends and conduct a thorough need analysis to manufacture the products that best suits the needs of our clients.

3. Quality Driven: We believe that quality products speak for themselves. We leave no stone unturned and follow strict quality standards to deliver top notch quality that lasts longer.






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